it leaves you speechless,
then turns you into a storyteller 🙂

world traveler
adrenaline addict
dream chaser
in love with Mother Nature
drifter (petrolhead)
rossignol pro skier
alaska heliski guide school graduate

laugh and love ! – the best is yet to come !

skiing in alaska has always been my biggest dream
i was born in a city, where without dreams, surviving is rather hard
so obviously my list has always been long

i love it when dreams become plans
sometimes to make it happen, i had to sacrifice a lot
for example sold everything i had (including my beloved impreza)
to exchange it for some heli time in Haines

was it worth it ?
totally !

sometimes it all gets easy and i become lucky
the best is when i get lucky enough to meet amazing people, where money is no object
this is what happened somewhere in japan
where i’ve spent absolutely the best night of my life
when leaving naoki’s nakamura driftcar
in the middle of the night, in the middle of nowhere, during the best TOUGE ever
i looked up the sky and thought out loudly:
”dear god i’m so fulfilled, that i could die today without any regrets”

but on the other hand, it isn’t always so colorful
the reality check and every day routine could be veeeery depressing

so when the wind blows
and brings the smell of unknown
i start searching for new destinations
where i could combine actionsports with experiencing the differences in us

living somewhere (at least for some time) is the best what you can do

it was long time ago, when i’ve heard it for the first time
”oh igor we love your photos”
i love taking them !
to me, stopping moments has always been some kind of an art

later, other people added
”you talk about it with so much passion, this is so good to listen to, maybe you should start writing?”

this is what i did
when you have something published for the first time
it makes you really happy
when people tell you, that they feel inspired by what they’ve read – ”happy” is no more sufficient, to describe the feeling

so the idea of sharing my best moments with you guys, here on this blog, came up naturally – please note it is not as awesome on daily basis as it looks here !

whatever you do. wherever you are. they are right saying, that travelling is the only thing you buy, that truly makes you richer. just GO ! money is not an excuse ! i always keep it the cheapest possible ! in vegas i could not afford a NASCAR ride, so won needed cash in a casino the night before. in africa i gave away everything i had, not because i was forced to, simply because i felt it was a right thing to do.

like anything else, one day it becomes an addiction.

people. places. experiences.

it is all very very very worth it ! and YES you should go and see it yourself !

these days i still keep on dreaming
travelling around the planet being packed only in a credit card… 😉

when people ask me – what you do for a living
i don’t know what to answer
it becomes even worse, when someone forces me to describe myself in one sentence
i don’t know what to say
don’t wanna sound conceited, but it does make me really awesomefreakinhappy 🙂

that i’ve managed to finish my first lap around the planet, doing things i love the most : skiing in alaska, drifting in japan, kiting in brazil, diving with dolphins in africa, massaging in china, first skydiving in australia, surfing in portugal, roadtriping california, racing in monaco.

super happy, super grateful for all what has happened

want to thank you all for the moments we’ve shared, all smiles and hi5s on the way, for you being you <3

i do realize that the best is yet to come and there is still a lot to be done !
but hey as they say, the first time is always the best and for sure there is no better way of experiencing life and enhancing you as a being, than traveling


So this is me. im very happy you are here and i can share some magic with you.

however !
the most important ! from everything you’ve read above
you should know (assuming you are a hot blonde) that i look at the racecars the same way i look at your butt 🙂

all-time all the time !